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Date 2024-03-23

Key Guide to a healthy work environment

Don't settle for the bare minimum and surviving the work day. Take those extra steps and make a healthy workplace, the secret recipe to a workplace where employees are not just reaching their goals but strive. It is about building an environment that accomplish not only the most vital objective, but also one that is, stimulated and where people are glad, encouraged and given power to do their best in their work. Eventually employees also get the secondary benefits that flows through the company. Elated, well-treated workers will not only be more eager, efficient, but also less prone to resign. ... Read More

Date 2024-06-18

5 Ways to Beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Smart Resume Strategies

These days recruiters and hiring managers need to review so many job applications that it has become extremely important to have an impressive resume, able to compete with all of them, including the digital doorman guarding the door. In those days, ATS, which is an automated software that scans resumes, operates just like a club bouncer- a human-sized supercomputer that can see every line as if with laser eyes. The resume not being able to bypass the automatic gatekeeper and going into the hands of the manager can only be achieved by a secret handshake decision or the resume being ... Read More

Date 2024-06-21

Strategies for Welcoming and Integrating New Hires Virtually

The remote jobs are considered a good case of how the task of on boarding new employees has affected the process system of organizations. Back in the years; a newcomer in the workplace might have looked forward to it as an integral part of the day, which might have an agenda planned to the minutest of details that also incorporated greetings, tours, and documentation. To give an example, new recruit could have shaken hands with his fellow workers on the first week, got to know the facility and be given an enlightening manual on company policies and perks respectively, in ... Read More

Date 2024-06-23

Mastering the Art of Negotiation: Salary Tips for Job Seekers

Getting a job that is congruous with your competencies and goals is just one half of the importance you ought to worry about. How you negotiate is of utmost importance, as it is key to maintaining a fair balance between your knowledge and service delivered. However, you can hardly talk about the money issues without turning the salary discussions into job seeker’s nightmares. Fear not, brave negotiator! While taking advantage of the knowledge regarding negotiation and implementing strategic tactics you can kill the myth of salary negotiation and get the salary you deserve. In a topic like salary negotiation, the ... Read More

Date 2024-06-25

10 Innovative Recruitment Techniques to Supercharge Your Hiring

Great Resignation wave has practically redesigned the talent environment. In the millennium where the best candidate has numerous openings to take one of them, the old hiring methods are no longer adequate. Having the best employees as the greatest employees is a competitive fact for organizations and thus they need to incorporate creative and innovative strategies. This extensive article evaluates 10 cutting-edge ways to step up your job hunting in 2024. The balance has become more powerful. In today's market, applicants rather than the employer have disproportionate power. As there are diverse employment opportunities available, workers are more inclined to ... Read More

Date 2024-06-27

How to Get Hired on LinkedIn: Become a Recruiting Magnet

Job recruiters are overwhelmed with resumes in the competitive and demanding labour market nowadays. Searching through endless applications in order to identify the appropriate applicant is a time-consuming job. To be distinctive you have to do more than just send in a resume or cover letter. You need to become a magnet for highly qualified candidates, jumping on the front lines of attracting recruiters' attention and sparking their interest in your skills and experience. LinkedIn, which is the world's biggest professional site, is an incredible effect that leads to this magnetic attraction. It's a platform tailored to match employment seekers ... Read More

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